Workshops/Seminars in Transformational Leadership

Customized workshops/seminars in Transformational Leadership developed around organization-specific materials combined with interactive learning techniques.

Demonstration Projects

Projects focusing on comprehensive action-research and process consultation involving organizational and transformational change projects, from assistance in startup and diagnosis, conduct of projects, to providing evaluation of progress and outcomes.


Speaking Engagements

Availability as a speaker, facilitator and/or moderator of discussions for organizations/events. This is subject to availability and coordination with ongoing assignments.

Books by Dr. Minks

The REALITIES OF TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP and BEYOND THEORY: PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS OF PUBLIC UNIVERSITY BUDGETING. Material based on culmination of over forty years experience in both corporate management and academic administration.


Networking Assistance

Help in identifying sources of information in order to design and administer surveys and instrumentation with the goal of using action-planning steps for the improvement of transformational leadership and organizational effectiveness.

Transformational Leadership Mentoring

Short courses and workshops provided using "cohort style" learning in a community of peers for furthering mentoring and coaching and facilitating the use of structured group process development and participative decision-making.